How to stop a dog from jumping up on strangers

Dogs love to greet each other by showing several actions such as nose-to-nose greet, bark greet, and jumping up to greet. Since we are not at their level, it is understandable that they jump up, try to reach our level, and greet us.

Although it might be quite hard to resist those cute little puppies and loving dogs when they jump upon us in any case, it often is unwanted behavior. Allowing your dog to indulge in such activities can be dangerous for the people. They can end up getting injured or bruised, and especially when it comes to kids and frail adults.

Therefore, you probably want know how to stop a dog from jumping up on strangers and stay calm.

Manage the jumping dog

Management in this case is is all about learning to control a situation so that your dog doesn’t jump up in your presence. Using some severe management techniques, you can be successful in training your dog.

Initially, you can follow these steps if your dog isn’t trained enough and you are expecting a guest at home:

  • Try putting him in his crate, if he has one
  • Restrict him in a separate room
  • Confine your dog using a leash

The above tips are useful for situations when your dog isn’t trained yet.

Why does your dog jump on strangers?

There are a variety of reasons why your dog jumps on strangers. When it comes to young puppies, the reason behind their jumping is often that they want to be near your face. Another reason is that your dog also jumps on strangers as a part of playing and he considers everyone his friend.

This habit is entirely normal for them. Moreover, you might also have seen many dogs jumping on other dogs while they play, so this habit is usual, and you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by this. However, this habit might embarrass you in front of strangers.

Another reason why dogs jump up on strangers is that it’s just their way of communicating with other puppies and human beings.

Is jumping up on strangers a behavioral problem?

There might be a few people who don’t mind if their dogs jump up on strangers. To them, jumping up on strangers is not a big problem. But for most the people, it is a severe problem. Your dog needs to live in society, and for that, they need to learn new habits.

How to stop them from jumping up?

You might need a lot of consistency and patience when it comes to learning how to stop a dog from jumping up on strangers. Following are some of the steps and tips you can practice to stop your dog from indulging in such behavior.

  1. Don’t give much attention

The first rule of teaching your dog not to jump up is to withhold your attention. You can do this through the following ways:

  • The moment your dog jumps up on you, you might need to turn your back and do not give him any attention. You might also need to cross your arms and turn you back once again if your dog attempts to jump further. Thus, all you might need to do is to keep turning our back to your dogs unless he stops jumping.
  • Another way to correct this behavior is to turn around and leave the spot. You can also walk out of the room and keep doing this until your dog alters his behavior.
  • You might need to avoid any eye contact with your dog as well.
  • Do not even say “hello” if your dog repeats the same pattern.
  • Try to teach him that “sit” implies “hello.”
  1. Keep Practicing

Practice making things perfect. You can help him practice the things you want him to learn. If he keeps on jumping after you come back home, then you can keep entering and leaving home if your dog jumps up, step back and repeat. Don’t create a massive fuss over your pet and step back. Moreover, you can offer him a reward when his four feet are on the ground simultaneously.

  1. Teach him the “sit” command

The “sit” command is perhaps the most important and initial commands you can teach your dog. To make him learn the “sit” command, you might use the reward treat to make him practice. With many repetitions, your dog will learn the command and will eventually stop jumping up on strangers.

  1. Practice with strangers

Practicing your dog at home is not enough. You might need to take him out and let him mix with strangers to teach him the right habits. You can involve your family and friends in this training and let them help you in training your dog how to act with strangers. That way, your dog will learn that it is not right to jump on strangers.

  1. Try to distract him

If you feel that your dog is too excite and he doesn’t stop jumping, then you might need to distract him using various approaches. One such method is to use some dog treats and scatter them on the floor when your dog arrives. This trick will break his focus on the strangers and divert his attention on other things.

  1. Don’t force him

In short, it is normal for dogs to jump as a part of their natural behavior and genetic factors. All you can do is to take things slower and give him enough time to understand and practice some habits. Don’t try to force anything on your dog or scold him as it might worsen the situation.

  1. Choose a quiet place for training

Most of the times, your dog chooses to jump frequently is because you keep them confined in your house or other small spaces. That is why it is important to choose a quiet and open place for your dog so that he can run and play around and immerse in other healthy activities rather than just jumping up. Giving him the freedom and a place to take out his energy can be highly beneficial in fixing bad habits. Moreover, you can also choose open parks where there are other dogs. Your dog will learn things from their mates as well, and they might not be frustrated enough to jump up on strangers whenever they get a chance.

What to avoid when teaching your dog not to jump up on strangers?

There are a few things you might need to avoid when it comes to training your dog. Following are tricks you can follow:

  • Do not leash correct your puppy or dog improperly or too bleakly. It can not only cause a severe injury to your dog, but it can also intimidate him.
  • Many people use the “knee to chest” technique to knock down their dogs when trying to jump up. That is wrong. By doing this, your dog might consider that you are initiating the play mode. Thus, you might end up worsening the situation rather than correcting it.
  • Don’t scold your dog if he continues to show the same behavior, or he won’t learn it.
  • Do not keep him locked in his crate or room whenever someone arrives at your home. Doing so can make your dog socially inactive, and it will become further complicated for him to train him.
  • Do not offer him a treat EVERY TIME you want him to learn something new otherwise you will adapt to the situation, and he won’t listen to you unless you bribe him.


The final tip for you is to accept the little mistakes your dog does and embrace him to make him feel special. You might also need to kneel if your dogs keep on jumping up to reach you.

Remember that all he is trying to do is to stay close to you and show his affection. You might need to open up your arms for him, pat him and rub his back. Remember the fact that when it comes to treating a dog, politeness is the key. However, once again, don’t do this frequently and keep in mind that teaching your dog a good habit will be beneficial for him.

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