Dog obedience

Almost every dog owner is faced with the issue of how to make his/her dog behave well both indoor and outdoor. Obedience is obviously important. Dogs are loving pets but without adequate dog training, they can become uncontrollable, exhibiting behaviours that are very annoying.

Proper dog training is the key to having an obedient, well-behaved and calm dog. Training a dog to be well-mannered or obedient has often been portrayed as a hard task, however, it is not as difficult as it is being pictured and portrayed by many dog lovers and trainers.

Dog-obediencThere are always easier ways to achieving a lot of things and those who patiently search for those ways would find them. This fact is also applicable to dog training. You may have failed in training your dog to be what you want it to be or hiring a dog trainer may not have worked for you. The good news is that there are certified professional dog trainers with proven track records, who can guide you on how to get the best out of your dog. There is a common saying that there are no bad dogs, only unenlightened owners.

You may decide to train your dog yourself by registering for an online dog training class. You can also hire a professional to train your dog, with or without you. Training your dog yourself (with the help of a certified trainer) will help you to get acquainted with each other more quickly.

Let your dog obey commands

To make your dog obey commands requires you to really know your dog, being patient with it, have some basic techniques and equipment, and a regular training schedule. It is vital to make every training period fun for your dog so it stimulates your dogs brain. Bored dogs misbehave easily. You definitely don’t want your dog to be bored. For some basic dog obedience training, you may need dog collar or harness, dog leash, dog treats, thunder shirt, treat-dispensing toys, etc to make the training enjoyable for you and your dog.

Teaching dog obedience right from puppyhood

Puppy obedience trainingYou can start training your puppy right from eight weeks, early training helps your dog to bond with you quickly. Teaching basic commands can start when the puppy is 12 weeks old. It will be easier to prevent or break bad behavior, and they learn more quickly at a young age. The training must be consistent, be patient, use clear language and make the training session fun every time. You might also want to have some basic training to ensure you are doing the right thing. Getting yourself trained by experts will help you get results from your dog in a short amount of time.

How to teach your dog obedience

  • Choose your preferred training method

    The first thing is to choose the best training method that suits you and your dog. There are lots of different training methods. The use of mental stimulation is a way that can help your dog be obedient. Stimulating your dog’s mind with some set of games wcan remove your dog’s bad behaviors, improve its temperament and make you have a stronger bond with your dog. It has also been used to eliminate uncontrolled jumping, whining, digging, chewing and hyperactivity.

  • Opt for a certified dog trainer for a good result

    For example the online ‘brain training for dogs’ course that will help you unlock your dog’s natural intelligence and in turn, your dog will start to obey you. This technique has been used for thousands of dogs and the results have been excellent! The online dog training program teaches you techniques that address the root cause of your dog bad behaviors. This new technique was discovered after years of extensive research on how to get the best out of dogs. The games and exercises are very practical and the instructions are easy to understand and apply.

    The next 3 steps will probably be covered in the training course of your choice. We recommend you follow the instructions of that particular course.

  • Choose your session duration

    The next thing to do is to select your training sessions which should not be more than 10 – 15 minutes per session, twice or three times daily. A session longer than that can make the dog lose attention and it is preferable to stick to one action each session. The training method you choose will likely help set the training duration.

  • Start with basic commands

    You might want to start training your dog with some basic commands like “sit, “lie down”, “come”, “stay”, and “leave it”.

  • If you own more than one dog, customize their training session

    It is better to train dogs separately because no two dogs are the same. Dogs react and learn differently depending on their age, breed, and size. You can customize training methods and styles for each dog to get the best results.

If your dog is aggressive, difficult to control or can’t stop barking at other people, other dogs or objects; you probably are considering a (online) dog training class that will help you get the best out of your dog.

Online training for dogs

You may want to get yourself trained by a professional dog trainer that has strategies that work. There are several online dog training classes, you might want take a look at affordable courses like braining training for dogs which offers a 100% sixty-day guarantee if you don’t get the desired result. The techniques in this course have been tested and used successfully several times by dog owners around the world. It is said to be scientific, based on the latest research on dog behavior. Besides, it is structured to create positive emotions that will make your dog behave well. The techniques in the course are force-free and gentle.

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