How to stop a dog from jumping up on strangerspexels

How to stop a dog from jumping up on strangers

Dogs love to greet each other by showing several actions such as nose-to-nose greet, bark greet, and jumping up to greet. Since we are not at their level, it is understandable that they jump up, try to reach our level, and greet us. But how to stop this behavior?

Puppy obedience training tips

These puppy obedience trainings tips should help you start training your companion. This guide lets you explore fantastic tips and tricks.

How to teach a puppy to walk on a leash

One of the the first things you probably want to do if you have recently got a puppy is to train it to walk beside you. Training your puppy on how to walk on a leash is an important skill you need to teach.

How to use a clicker to train a dog

Clicker training is the method of training your dog and rewarding him if he behaves positively. It is a scientific method of training an animal based on the fact that an animal will continue with a behavior that is rewarded.
dog barking at night

Why is my dog barking at night?

A dog barking at night is a serious concern to his owner, though a dog is not expected to be totally quiet every day and all the time. Barking is a common and normal feature in dogs but it can give dog owners sleepless nights and disturb the neighbors if it becomes chronic and not checked.
How to potty train a puppyPexels

How to potty train a puppy

Most pet owners want to have their puppy around them but they are often worried about their rug being soiled or their rooms turning into a smell place. So how to potty train a puppy? Puppies are beautiful pets to have around us, however, keeping a puppy in the house involves you giving the puppy basic training he needs and this includes potty training.

Dog obedience

Almost every dog owner is faced with the issue of how to make his/her dog behave well both indoor and outdoor. Obedience is obviously important. Dogs are loving pets but without adequate dog training, they can be become uncontrollable, exhibiting behaviours that are very annoying.